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Communique 199 / January the 28th, 2008

Concerning the leasing of the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Apollo on the island of Anaphe to a private businessman by the monastery of the Prophet Elijah of Thera.

It has come to our attention through the press and electronic media that the monastery of the Prophet Elijah of Thera has leased 3400 acres of land on the island of Anaphe to a private businessman. This leased land includes the archaeological site of the very ancient and important sanctuary of Apollo Aigletos.
This illustrates that the intense social outrage of the past summer (2007) that was raised against the demand for land and the curious transactions of various Christian legal bodies such as the monastery of Pentele and the monastery of Kaisariane, etc, has fallen upon deaf ears. Such demands for land combined with the under-handed transactions of real estate were directly or indirectly influential in placing the abundance of our national forests at risk. However, once more, as demonstrated by the leasing of property on Anaphe, a continuous effort may be observed in the willful desecration and destruction of our sacred sites by the Orthodox Church and the cunning privateers who collaborate with the byzantine establishment.

For this reason, we call upon:

1. All journalists who truly seek to promote such subjects of utter importance to continue with their worthy path of exposing the truth without fear; regardless of invested interests and the popularity of 'manufactured' issues that aim at misleading the general public and controlling public opinion. By exposing the truth, such journalists enable the meaningful issues of our culture that find their source in the very core of our existence as Hellenes to emerge from the mire of this conspiracy of silence.
2. The conscientious employees of the official public services to prohibit these theocratic mechanisms along with its parasitic supporters who uphold only their own financial interests. Employees of public services should 'stand proud' and not allow the work of their departments to be undermined. We encourage them to take every necessary legal measure within their jurisdiction to permanently eradicate the destruction of the cultural symbols of our history and civilization.
3. The intellectual population of our country to take a forceful stand point within society in a concentrated effort to disengage our country from the gloom of theocracy, without fear of any imagined theocratic reaction. Knowledge is our weapon and this knowledge exists as a product of a civilization that the wretched among us try to suppress by all possible means.
4. The theocrats within the Greek dominion to cease considering themselves representatives of an 'only truth' that they feel compelled to impose upon non-believers. We call on them to finally respect the human rights of all people and to stop undermining the laws of the country by their actions. We also encourage these theocrats to respect the ethnic and cultural civilization of the land which during darker times was compelled by force to extend hospitality to them for the past sixteen centuries. The theocratic financial exploitation of our country on the premise of title deeds predating Independence from Turkish oppression and scandalous laws of previous regimes must be brought to an end. So too must the theocratic destruction of the sacred remnants of ethnic culture be eliminated.
5. The supervisors of the various State and local government authorities, who have been elected by the Hellenic nation and appointed as the depositories of public interests, to cease to co-operate and engage with the byzantine establishment. The interests of the Hellenic nation coincide with the achievements and values of its ancestral civilisation. We therefore call upon those state and local government officials who consider themselves unable to defend the interests of the Hellenic nation to resign from their positions with immediate effect so that they may be replaced by others who are more capable.

The patience of Ethnic Hellenes can endure no longer. We, as the Hellenes, who venerate the honour of our ancestors, shall no longer remain inactive and observe the body and soul of our country continuously destroyed.


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