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Communique 201 / March the 11th, 2008

Concerning the Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay launched in Olympia

We, who represent the oppressed Ethnic Hellenic Religion whose ancient Temples are currently managed by the Hellenic State as "archaeological" sites, declare our complete moral support for and stand in solidarity with the twelve young Tibetan activists who were assaulted by the Greek police and twenty Chinese "officials" posted within Greece, on the 10th of March 2008. It is disgraceful that such a thing should occur within the framework of a peaceful international campaign of protest. Especially when all the Tibetan activists wished to do was to burn some incense and to light the torch of freedom for their nation and their Religion from the altar of Zeus, the God who per excellence guarantees political freedom, within the sacred space of Olympia.

The justifications offered in support of this oppressive action are literally ridiculous:

1. It was said that the activists "had not obtained a special permit" to perform such an act. It is well known that such a special permit is rarely granted to even us, the Ethnic Hellenes who wish to pray in our sacred sites, while in the contrary such permits are fully granted to the dressed in black officials of the Greek Orthodox Church whenever they wish to invade the sacred precincts of Ethnic Temples for the purposes of exorcising these sanctuaries or behaving in other inappropriate manners to desecrate the original nature of these hallowed premises (examples of this may be found in the annual raising of a huge cross for the holding of mass on the Areos Pagos of Athens, in the sudden purification ceremony of the waters of Dion, etc).

2. It was said (unfortunately by the mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr Aidonis) that "apparently" the sanctity of the site was. desecrated, because Olympia is an expression of. "synthesis and not confrontation". As the rightful heirs of this sacred precinct, as well as all other places where the ruins of our Temples may be found, we, the Ethnic Hellenes are left astounded by Mr Aidonis' statement. From where does the mayor deduce this? Does he know what the original Olympic Games symbolised and continue to symbolise? And we refer to the real Olympic Games of the Hellenes, not those of Baron de Coubertin. Does he have an idea of what the GOD Agon (Conflict) means to the Ethnic Hellenic Religion?

We are truly aggrieved that our sacred places are currently in the hands of irrelevant or incompetent persons and that our Religion has not been re-established with the full honours it deserves in Hellas to date. If the Ethnic Hellenic Religion was given its rightful place within its national borders, our Sanctuaries, the Sanctuaries of the Hellenes, would not be surrounded by police and auxiliary bullies, but they would instead gladly extend hospitality to all people of the world who fight for their freedom, their dignity, their People and

their Religion.

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