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YSEE Communique 215/24.7.<<2009>>


The latest and most appalling incident (for the time being.) in the long line of hysterics displayed by the spoiled theocrats of the Greek Orthodox Church is the 'indignation' of the so-called 'Holy' Synod against the Costa Gavras video, which up until recently has been screened at the new Acropolis Museum. This video contained certain short scenes (which were notably tame) which depicted fanatic christians of the first millennium of their chronology destroying temples and statues of the Hellenic Ethniko Religion.

As unlikely as it may seem, the stance of the Hellenic State towards this incident is even more disgusting. Instead of simply issuing a strong recommendation to the theocrats to 'mind their own business', the Hellenic State chose the contrary approach and Mr Samaras, the Minister of Culture, released a most apologetic statement in an attempt to appease the church with the promise that "the subject will be examined and if the [the church's] objections are valid we will proceed with corrective measures". It was decided by Mr Samaras, combined with the 'scientific' advocacy of the curator of the museum, Prof. Demetris Pandermalis (the incredible man who in the summer of 2003 declared that the ancient Macedonians of Dion were 'monotheists'!) to censor the scenes from the video that had 'offended' the theocrats and offer them yet another opportunity to propagate the distorted historical truth without disruption whilst still pretending that they are Hellenes.

It is then in this year of 2009 that the subjugated Hellenic State CENSORED, at the command of its masters (the theocrats of the Greek Orthodox Church), a video which revealed the Church as it should truthfully be portrayed in history. In committing this act of censorship with such careful ambiguity, they have effectively concealed the uncountable crimes committed by early christians against the Hellenic Ethniko Religion and, by implication, against the whole of human civilisation. In this year of 2009, the official Hellenic State has chosen to openly lie to Hellenes and the rest of the world about the manner in which the ancient world and its achievements were destroyed in the name of christianity.

In another time and guided by other higher principles, a person who held the position currently filled by Mr Samaras would have committed suicide or at least resigned his post rather than endure the humiliation of demotion from being the Minister of Culture to a becoming a clerk serving historical falsehood through the employment of censorship. The same applies to Prof. Pandermalis of the new Acropolis Museum who is known for his close ties to the theocrats of the Greek Orthodox Church and who, without hesitation or any spiritual relationship and allegiance to our Religion, administers the new place of profitable captivity where our SACRED Statues and other items are held. We are certain; however, that neither the former nor latter parties involved in this 'incident' will entertain any such sensitivities (as resigning, etc). For them, 'the money is good' and their 'skin is too thick' and what exactly are we romantic people asking for?

We are also certain that none of the - otherwise verbose - 'sensitive' and 'democratic' journalists will present our historical and religious objections yet again. It is certain that the whole issue of the ongoing discrimination against and suppression of the Hellenic Ethniko Religion will again be presented as merely the censorship of a 'fad' without ever conveying the all angles of this 'thorny issue'.

However, from our perspective; we remain true Hellenes and are dedicated to our ancestral institutions, and as such must consider ourselves and our country under occupation for as long as the theocrats enforce their tyranny; for as long as the cabinet ministers deign to act as their servants whilst refusing to even answer our correspondences to them; for as long as the lies continue to remain the foundation of the Neo-Hellenic identity; for as long as our taxes end up in the pockets of anti-social parasites and for as long as the true Hellenic voice remains excluded everywhere. Until then we will renounce the conqueror day and night. And one day the guilty silence will be broken and the lies will end. One day the Hellenes will possess this land again; our land.


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