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Statement 231/7-10-2010

The Greek State presents itself as a modern European Democracy but its actions prove otherwise. The servility of the State as they submit to the daily intervention of the theocrats of the Orthodox Church is indescribably disgusting. These theocrats appear to consider the country to be their private back yard and, from the reaction of the State, they are perhaps correct to presume so. The constant humiliation of the Greek State by these despotic theocrats has today reached a new level of degradation as the media announced the changes to Primary and Secondary level education that can only be described as the latest measure in the systematic interventionist agenda of religious indoctrination. These Byzantines, i.e. medieval theocrats, wish to further tamper with the information given in school text books to address what they believe are signs of the 'de-christianisation' of education.  School books, which should be noted, have already been written to serve the purpose of Orthodoxy in general as well as to further the agenda of the historical farce of the hypothetical notion of 'Hellenic Orthodoxy'.

These theocrats have no scruples in informing us that their special Committee will research and identify the educational elements within the text books which are the cause of this. 'de-christianisation' and then they will proceed to.'admonish' the Ministry of Education. This Committee will, of course, find such evidence because those who seek will surely find that for which they sought. The real problem, however, lays within the Greek State itself and our form of government which still exists in a pre-democratic stage of development and only a few political steps ahead of.. Papoulakos (1770 - 1861). The Greek State has only recently been decorated by a few 'modernisers' who are quick to enthusiastically renounce the Hellenic character when they lack the elementary strength to refuse to bow to the demands of the theocrats, who still dream of a return to the Middle Ages or the favourable place they held in the Ottoman Empire.

These cassocked theocrats must surely be right in demanding the complete destruction of the children's minds and intellect to complement the already partial destruction of them that they have already accomplished by their indoctrination. These children are, after all, only the future citizens of this country. The theocrats will surely also seem righteous in whatever frightening or unreasonable demands they call for tomorrow or the day after that. However these continuous crimes against freedom of thought and democracy in general do not belong to them but rather to their political servants who are purported to represent the 'Hellenic' State. The responsibility for these crimes rests firmly on the shoulders of those who have yet to find the courage to 'de-christianise' and ultimately dare to secularise this country while restricting the priesthood to a purely religious ceremonial role and prohibiting them from compromising either the internal and foreign policies of the State or reducing the social welfare and support system to mere charity.

Indeed, the debt for these crimes belong to all those who, to date; possess neither the daring nor the courage to requisition the massive wealth of the Orthodox Church in support of our national economy. Wealth, which should be noted, the church has amassed by dubious legal means and simultaneously being afforded the status of tax-free legal entity by one department (Legal Persons in the Public Legislature) whilst having all of its expenses paid by another. Both departments of which are funded by the taxes of the common citizen who may or may not necessarily be christian or wish to support a priesthood at all.

These crimes have been committed by all those whose cowardice and subservience have caused them to preserve the facade of historical inaccuracies and to those who have failed to show the Hellenes who the 'despots' truly are and what have they done, in the form of an undercurrent, to diachronically and consistently undermine Hellenic Ethnicity from the time of Constantine till the War of Independence in 1821 and onwards until today. The attempted interference of the 'Holy Inquisition' in the already problematic education of our children will not be accepted. Until the future time arrives when such interference finally ceases, we will fight against the systematic deception and stupefaction of our descendants. At which time they, as citizens, will take the necessary steps against those whom have they identified as being guilty of these crimes.


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