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Wojciech Jan Rudny interviews a constitutional member of the Supreme Council of the Ethnikoi Hellenes (YSEE) on behalf of the polish «GNIAZDO» magazine («Gniazdo - Rodzima wiara i kultura»).

- In Europe many people want to return to their spiritual roots, to their ethnic religions. In Poland, for example, we have the "Rodzima Wiara". What about the Greeks?

Among the Greeks we have thousands of men and women that return to their ancestral Tradition, Religion and Values as well. Furthermore, I can say that within the perception of the average Greek person the pre-christian period is considered quite admirable, as an era far brighter than that of the Cross. 

- Do you believe that the modern human individual can have belief in ancient Gods?

Of course, especially those who know what the Gods of polytheism really are; eternal "beings" rather than "personalities", organic and integral parts of the Cosmos in the same way that the physical laws are organic and integral parts of the Cosmos. The existence of our Gods does not contradict the discoveries of modern Science; on the contrary, they are mutually supportive of each other. The only difference between our opinion and that of modern secular Science is that for us "matter" is not something dead but rather alive and full of Gods.  

- Why did the Gods allow the christians to win? What do you think about this? In "Iliad" and "Odyssei" they have engaged in this world. Why they don't engaged later, in IV century for example? Maybe there are no Gods? Maybe they are only archetypes in our subconscious?

The Gods simply give guidance to mortals; they do not fight at their side to exterminate the "bad guys" and to protect the "good guys". Such a perception is entirely a judeo-christian-islamic thing. If such was the case, what we call History would have long ago come to a definitive "end", on the contrary, in the mortal world it is often that those who are gentle and virtuous are defeated by the vulgar and evil ones.

With reference to the Homeric poems, one must never forget that they are epics, not theological texts. In one verse we see the Gods interjecting into mortal affairs while in another we encounter the supreme God Zeus accepting that his "son" Sarpedon will die the next day. Zeus knows that the Gods are not allowed to change the fate of a mortal being. What the monotheists (jews, christians, muslims) hail as "miracles" and "proofs" of the supposed existence of their "God", for us are simply unjustifiable modifications of the natural laws or of fate. No real God would bring about such modifications. Our Gods guarantee the beauty of the Cosmos, they do not drown "enemies" in the. Red Sea.

Now, to answer your last question, we feel obliged to repeat that our Gods are real and eternal "beings", they are neither "archetypes" nor "personalities". 

-  Please tell me some about persecution pagan Greeks in IV century. And today.

The history of the bloody persecution of the pagan Hellenes occurred not only in the IV century but continued through to the IX century and later; the details of which are given by a distinguished member of ours, Mr Rassias who is both a known author and historian. However, in modern Greece we cannot talk of persecution; the official State simply refuses to acknowledge our existence as a religion. The only ones that openly display hatred towards us are the theocrats of the dominant Orthodox Church who, unfortunately for them, no longer hold the power to burn people at the stake. Thus they are forced to channel their hatred into propagating a continuum of "black propaganda" against us, in the hope that their flock will never open its eyes and consider our ideas.

- Roman Catholic Church says that the Gods are evil beings - that they are devils, daemons...  What about the Orthodox Church?

This disgusting allegation is the cause of uncountable christian crimes, genocides and ethnocides that have been perpetrated against the people of the whole world. Such an allegation does not stem from a certain dogma of Christianity but rather exists as a result of a fundamental belief in its very theology that is consistently repeated in the texts of its so-called "Fathers". This fundamental belief automatically turns Christianity into an intolerant machine that invites no discussion with the "other", but seeks only to convert or to exterminate. For the true Christian, who knows what he or she believes in, the whole of the Cosmos and Nature along with all of its "living" and "lifeless" forms are within the grip of these devils. This is monstrous paranoia!  

- YSEE is only for Greeks by ancestry, or not?

YSEE is principally for Greeks, but is also open to all the people of the world who consider themselves to be Hellenes within their minds and within their hearts. Above all, the Hellenic Ethnic Religion is the religion of all humanistic and logical men and women. It is the religion of the ones that know how to honour both the beauty of Cosmos and human nature.

- I've heard about many American Hellenists (people that they believe in the Greek Gods). What do you think about them?

Some of them are people of the above-mentioned kind who are either members or good friends of YSEE. However, we do encourage the non-Greek members to learn our language, as a large number of crucial terms within our tradition have no equivalent in the English language and very often misunderstandings occur. In an attempt to begin to solve this problem, we are currently in the process of preparing an official document detailing a common terminology for the use of all English-speaking individuals.

On the other hand, some of these people that you mention are not true Hellenists but rather members of the so-called Wicca or other "neo-pagan" groups who are simply disguised as "Hellenists" for reasons that exist hidden within the depths of their own minds. Obviously we are not interested in having any relationship with these people. Our Tradition, Religion and Values should not be exploited in any manner, in much the same way that no other ethnic Tradition, Religion and Values should be exploited.    

- Thank you very much.

You are welcome.

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